Don’t Look at Him that Way

Lately I have been seeing a lot of posts concerning how poorly men treat and view women.  They discuss how guys objectify women and put graphic pictures of girls in bikinis on their walls or make comments such as “dang, she has a great body,” and some people, females in particular, are disgusted and insulted by these remarks.   I have heard many women say, “Why do guys have to be so inappropriate and such tools?”  While it is completely sinful to lust over a women, it seems as though females forget that it’s just as sinful to lust over men.  For some odd reason, people react more harshly to men having pictures of random attractive girls on their phone rather than girls having pictures of attractive guys on their phone.  It’s as though we as females do not think that men can feel like objects in this situation too.  What is the difference between posting a picture of a girl in a bikini on your wall and posting a picture of a man without a shirt on?  Are they not both fulfilling the same desires and objectifying people in the same manner?

It is very easy to cross the line between glorifying God because of His beautiful creation and lusting over God’s creation. I know first hand as a girl how often we females talk about how “hot” guys are or how “muscular” their bodies are.  And I apologize to men because they constantly see and hear women idolizing men’s bodies and then when they as men do the same about women, they are frowned upon more severely than women, when the truth is both acts are the same.

I did not intend on writing this post to show that men should objectify women because women objectify men.  I wrote this post to show that people need to understand that both are equally sinful and wrong.



I sing, “Hosann…

I sing, “Hosanna!” when I want it all.
Then I crucify the Son of God.
Cause He isn’t who I always thought.
Not what I want, but what I needed.
I sing, “How great and mighty is the King!”
Just as long as He considers me
High above every other thing.
Even His glory.

It’s packaged differently than Pharisees.
Wrapped in sing-a-longs and Christianese.
Empty hallelujahs to the King.
When my heart is loving idols.
A man of sorrows acquainted with grief,
He had no form; He had no majesty.
How could He have the audacity
To ask me to give Him my tomorrow?

Broken like a record.
Spinning round and round
Like a hurricane.
I pour out water then I disappear.
Reappearing when I fear enough,
Or need a touch from You.
I sing, “Hosanna!” once again
Then I say, “Crucify Him!”

Forgiveness and love.
~Shane & Shane

Marriage Was Never Guaranteed

Marriage is not guaranteed.

The hard truth about marriage is, it’s not guaranteed to everyone. This is a hard truth to grasp for people, but it is something everyone needs to understand, single or not. God does not tell us in His Word that we all have a significant other that we are called to marry. He doesn’t. And it makes sense because marriage is not necessary. The covenant of marriage was designed for two people to become one and for them to complement each other in their relationship with Christ, not make their relationship with Christ complete or whole in any means, but to compliment. Therefore, marriage is not necessary to be whole in Christ so it is not necessary in life.

However, most people already know that.
The thing I want to address is that people need to be aware that marriage is not guaranteed to everyone. I hear people saying things like “Don’t worry girls, some day your prince will come!” or “Just wait until you are married” or people will tell me “Tessa, I’m so excited to meet your future husband, he is going to be such a great guy!” And I wonder, did God tell you that I am going to get married? Why would you talk to me about a marriage that may never happen unless you are absolutely CERTAIN that God has that planned for me? That person is getting my hopes up for something that may never happen.
It would be heart breaking if I told someone “You’re going to have an incredible husband one day.” And then have that in the last days of their life, single, come up to me and say “Why did you say my husband would be amazing when I never got married? Why would you give me hope of something that never happened?”
Please do not encourage a person about a future marriage or a future anything that they may or may not have unless you know for CERTAIN that God has spoken to you and told you that this will happen to them. Never give out false hope. This subject does not only apply to marriage, but it also applies to having children, finding a job, being healed from a disease, and many other things.  Do not give out false hope, even if you think it may help someone in their moments of discouragement.

Thin or Curvy, the World Will Always Disapprove

People sometimes wish that we could go back in time to when overweight girls were considered the most beautiful.  But why?  So that the world could treat skinny girls as harshly as they currently treat plus size girls?  Calling a curvy girl “fat” is just as cruel as calling a thin girl “too skinny.”  Just because a girl is skinny does not mean she likes her body, just ask them. Curvy girls sometimes believe that they are not as beautiful as thin girls.  Thin girls sometimes believe that they are not as beautiful as curvy girls.  However, just because a girl who is curvy may not feel pretty, does not mean that someone should tell her that she is more beautiful or has more to love than a thin girl.  And if a girl who is too thin because she has a high metabolism that she cannot control, and she does not feel beautiful because of how thin she is, no one should tell her that she is more beautiful than larger girls.  There are ways to compliment someone and uplift them without insulting all other body types. All bodies work differently.  All bodies are different.  Taking care of yourself and seeing the beauty in others is what perfection should look like.


People say that going to hell and living in an eternity without God wouldn’t be so bad. They think that they have lived their whole lives without God, so they can handle it. But the truth is, no one has ever experienced life without God, no one. The ability to love is God. Comfort is God. The creation all around us is God. God is everywhere, whether people can grasp that reality or not. Living a life without God on earth is impossible. He is the very meaning of life. Being able to exist without God is simply unimaginable.   However hell is indeed the absence of God.  It is a pain that no human being on earth has ever experienced.  Please do not mislead yourself into believing you can handle the pain of hell.  Remember that it is not merely what you will feel, but what you will never be able to feel again.

Putting Restrictions on Love

Lately I have seen a lot of Christians putting restrictions on who they love.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not remember God giving us the right to chose who to love and who not to love.  Christ didn’t just love the people who loved Him, or who shared the same views as Him. He loved everyone.  It frustrates me when I hear a “Christian” say that he cannot love someone because they are homosexual or because they had an abortion.  When did God give us the right to refuse the love that He has given us, to anyone?  He didn’t.

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4: 7-8 ESV

The End of the World? Please.

After the election one must expect Facebook to blow up with bitter comments.  One thing that multiple people have been saying is “Oh no!  Obama is President again, the world is going to end, Jesus is coming!”  They are saying that because the United States has a bad president the whole world is coming to an end, but that doesn’t make any sense.  It burdens my heart to think that Christians in the U.S can be selfish enough to make such a statment.  To think that because the U.S has a President that some people don’t agree means that the rapture is going to come, is saying that America is the only important country in the world.  Before the rapture does happen and Jesus comes back the U.S is not the only place that is going to experience trials and disaster.  It is almost as if people believe the U.S is the only country in the world.  They are saying that because their president is not who they want it to be, the whole world is going to end.  The U.S is NOT the only country in the world!  And we are definitely not the most important!  People need to look at issues that other countries are facing before stating such a thing.

I am not Sheltered, they are Simply Polluted.

I have been raised in a Christian home for my whole life.  I was homeschooled off and on for most of my education, but I am certainly not sheltered.  When people hear that I am a Pastor’s kid AND was homeschooled, they automatically think I have no friends, I never leave my house, and well, they basically treat me like an oblivious child.  Yes I know what a highschool prom is, yes I have heard of Taylor Swift, and yes I have a facebook.  But, what exactly is it that makes someone sheltered?  Is it their so-called lack of knowledge of what is going on in the world?  Because I can almost guarantee you that homeschoolers or “sheltered” kids know more about what is actually going on in the world than most people.  Because what is going on in the world isn’t who has the best style or what the newest pop song is, it’s what is happening in our country, who is leading us,  what is being created, not if Beyonce is having a baby.

Am I sheltered because I do not swear?  Because I still have my virginity and do not know what pot smells like?  Is that really what makes me sheltered?  People are always surprised when I tell them I haven’t had beer before, always.  Why are they so shocked that I haven’t done something that is, well, illegal?  That doesn’t make me sheltered, that makes me a person who follows the law.  That should make me normal, because, everyone should follow the law, right? If we were to look back about…2000 years ago, would me obeying my parents commands be considered weird and sheltered? Heck no.  That would be expected of me.  People look at me and think I am sheltered, when in reality, they are simply polluted.   We have all been polluted by just being born into the world.  Little things such as saying “I wish I had her haircut” makes me polluted. But the world has corrupted people to believe that what they do and say is perfectly normal and appropriate, but it’s not.  As generation by generation grows older, the definition of what is good and bad changes, and never for the better.  I may obey my parents, read my Bible, and follow the law but that by no means makes me sheltered, it makes me someone who tries to do good, and that should be considered normal.

Their Point of View

Some people fight to look attractive in the eyes of the world. The world will only accept you if you live up to it’s standards. In the world’s eyes you are only worth someone’s time if you can give them what they want. In the world’s eyes marriage has an expiration date. Losing virginity isn’t worth much more than losing $20. In the world’s eyes second chances are not permitted and abortions are encouraged. In the world’s eyes there is no hell. In the world’s eyes there is no true God.

But the world lies.

There is a God, and He loves second chances. There is a hell, but there is also a Heaven. While God does offer you things the world couldn’t dream of, you can’t love Him and the world. It’s one or the other. He is not of the world. Taking part in sexual immorality is of the world. Encouraging abortion is of the world. Hating your brother is of the world. He cannot be in you while you take part in the world.